From evaluating and benchmarking your crew, to pre-employment medicals and crew contracts, we are dedicated to assisting you in employing the right crew.

The ‘Right Crew’

Our Loss Prevention briefing series ‘The Right Crew’ is aimed at assisting North Members to attract, recruit and retain the ‘right’ crew.

The ‘right’ crew for your operations will, of course, depend on the type of vessels you operate, where you operate them, the demands of the sector(s) you operate in, and your own company preferences. The briefings are not a ‘how to’ but rather are intended to stimulate thought and discussion by highlighting good practice and innovative ideas.

The Right Crew – Crew Evaluation and Benchmarking

North has partnered with Seagull Maritime AS – a leading provider of competence management solutions and e-learning material for seafarers – to encourage Members to improve knowledge and training of crew through using Seagull’s crew evaluation system (CES) and benchmarking service.

This initiative is part of North’s campaign to support Members attract, recruit and retain the ‘right crew’ for their ships. Over the next 12 months, Members wishing to assess their existing and potential crew members can use Seagull’s online CES and benchmarking tool for a 25% discount on the standard US$4,000 fee.

Members who sign up to the service can immediately offer online tests to crew members which can be taken anywhere on a standard PC. Test results are recorded and benchmarked against a global CES database of over 700,000 tests carried out since 2010. The CES service will enable Members to focus their training efforts, create benchmarks to compare manning agents and to monitor crew quality over time by rank, nationality and crew pool.

For more information, contact our loss prevention team at

Seagul Platform

Pre-Employment Medicals

Although crew illness claims do arise, many may have been avoided if the seafarer had undergone a comprehensive pre-employment medical examination by a reliable specialist clinic.

In order to reduce incidents and ensure the good health of crew North has, for a number of years, been successfully running two enhanced pre-employment medical programmes, one in the Philippines and one in the Ukraine. Further details regarding the programmes can be found in North’s PEME briefings which also provide Members with advice on effective pre-employment medical screening and the selection of suitable clinics in their other crew supply areas worldwide.

For further details regarding our PEME programmes please contact: Lucy Dreyer or Abbie Rudd at:

Crew Contracts

A comprehensive and clear crew contract is an essential document in the modern world of shipping. A crew contract sets out what is expected of the seafarer and what benefits they earn from the employer in return.

Our short Loss Prevention Briefing provides guidance on the essential points to be considered before Members enter into a crew contract to ensure they remain fully covered by their P&I insurance.

Please also see our section on MLC Guidance.

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