There may be occasions when a shipowner or charterer requires insurance for risks not already covered by their policy. In these circumstances, we will tailor the cover to your individual needs, depending on your requirements.

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What we do

To protect you in instances when risks aren’t covered by your standard Protecting and Indemnity (P&I) insurance, we created Extended and Ancillary Covers. Each cover will be bespoke to you, but could include risks relating to vessel deviations, non-conforming documentation and contractual liabilities.

Cargo Risks

From ship and cargo owner liabilities to extended third party cover, make sure you’re protected when it comes to being insured against cargo risks falling outside of standard P&I cover.

Ship Owner’s Liabilities (SOL)

From time to time a ship owner may make a decision with respect to the operation of his vessel that could take him outside of his standard P&I cover.  This might be a decision to carry a rare and valuable cargo or to deviate the vessel on route to the discharge port.  In such situations there are a range of extended and ancillary covers available that “buy back” and to a limited extent replace the P&I cover lost, including:-

  • Contractual Deviations
  • Ad Valorem Bills of Lading
  • Mis-delivery under Bills of Lading
  • Rare and Valuable Cargo
  • Non-poolable Paperless Trading

Cargo Owner’s Liabilities

Occasions can arise when a claim is presented against the cargo owner for liabilities arising from the transport of his cargo.  These claims will not be covered by standard Charterer’s Cover.  Cargo Owner’s Liability Insurance has been designed to specifically cater for the additional risks that a cargo owner might face transporting his cargo.

Extended Through Transport Cover for Cargo

In addition to standard Through Transport Cover for Cargo – which deals with liabilities arising when carried under a through or transhipment bill of lading – cover can be extended to liabilities to third parties for damage done by the container itself or the cargo therein during inland carriage, e.g., the container falls from a railtruck injuring a third party or some hazardous cargo leaks causing pollution.

People Risks

Including crew familiarisation and newbuilding supervisors, you can cover liabilities arising from non-owned vessels – such as personal accidents. Stay protected whether or not a vessel is entered in the Club.

Crew Familiarisation

Often it is necessary for a ship owner to arrange for officers, crew, supernumeraries, supercargoes, superintendents or any other personnel, to go onboard a non-owned vessel.  This will usually be in advance of taking delivery of a vessel.  Crew Familiarisation deals with the liabilities arising from such a situation whether or not such vessels are entered in the Association at the time of the loss.

Newbuilding Supervisors

A combination of the Crew Familiarisation cover with the addition of Personal Accident covers for these employees.

Contractual Liabilities

If you need to agreed certain contractual terms that prejudice standard P&I insurance, cover can be extended to account for this – for example waiving rights of limitation.

Excess Contractual Cover

For commercial reasons it may be that certain contractual terms that prejudice a Member’s standard P&I cover are agreed.  These may be provisions waiving rights of limitation, assumption liability for third party losses or damage to third party property, contractual naming and waiving obligations, or assumption of liabilities under non-reciprocal “knock-for-knock” agreements.  In such circumstances cover can be extended to replace the cover lost.

North America Clean-Up

An Extended Contractual Cover specifically designed for a situation where a Member commits to indemnities arising from a non-approved North American Oil Pollution Response Agreements, including the MSRC Dispersant Addendum.

Commercial Risks

Covering a variety of risks, including the unpaid debts of insolvent charterers, ship seizures and it’s loss of use, protect yourself against a range of potential threats to your business.

Maritime Lien for Charterers’ Debts

Provides cover for a Member against the risk of claims being made against his vessel for the unpaid debts of an insolvent charterer.    Maritime Lien for Second-Hand Ships

Purchasing second-hand vessels carries with it a risk that the former owner incurred debts that establish a maritime lien against the vessel.  In conjunction with performing a “writ-search” in all major maritime registries, Maritime Lien for Second-Hand Ships provides a Member with some protection against the financial losses which may flow from claims being made against second-hand vessels.

Ship Seizure

A very flexible facility to cover against expenses not otherwise recoverable under standard P&I cover for detention/delays arising as a consequence of a wide variety of perils, such as the risk of quarantine or the compulsory detainment of the vessel following discovery of an infectious disease.

Charterer’s Loss of Use

Provides covers for a charterer’s exposure to continuing hire payments in the event of an extended delay to the vessel through blockage or detention.

Balance Sheet Protection in Fluctuating Chartering Markets

A number of different products are available to protect a Member from the financial consequences of a term charter coming to an end prematurely in a rising or falling market.  Examples include:-

  • In a rising market a charterer who has fixed a vessel for a term charter at a low rate would be concerned that total loss of the vessel would force him to re-charter at a higher level.
  • In a falling or lower freight market an owner that has fixed a vessel for a term charter at a good rate would be concerned that frustration of the charter would force him to re-charter at a lower level.   Balance Sheet Protection for Owners with Newbuildings on Order.

Shipowners ordering newbuildings face a number of financial perils not recoverable from the yard or their insurers.  These may be due to default of refund guarantees or loss of charter following delay.  Extra costs may also be incurred appointing superintendents, architects and experts should there be any issues arising in the building process which are not recoverable from the yard.  Cover can be put in place to protect against such eventualities.

Specialist Risks

Additional over is also required if you’re engaged in certain specialist operations, such as offshore oil and gas exploration, cable-laying or salvage, that are excluded under standard P&I cover.

Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration and Productions Operations

Specialist cover for owners with vessels engaged operations such as drilling and production operations in connection with offshore oil and gas exploration and production.

Specialist Operations

Available with various policy limits to provide cover primarily for activities excluded by rule 19(28) such as:

  • Dredging, Pile-driving
  • Cable-laying etc.
  • Non-Poolable Towage
  • Divers
  • Salvage
  • Heavy Lift operations

For more information in respect to any of the above covers, please contact your usual underwriting contact.

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