Our worldwide Protecting and Indemnity (P&I) insurance covers the full range of third party risks, including people claims, marine casualty, pollution and cargo liabilities for shipowners and charterers. Our experienced team is made up of over 90 claim professionals based around the world.

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What We Do

P&I insurance protects you from a huge variety of risks. This includes personal injury to your crew members and passengers, cargo damage, wreck removal and pollution clean-up and compensation. This highly specialist insurance is our primary business and our expertise is available to you whether you’re a shipowner or a charterer.

Our experienced team are directly accessible all day and every day of the year. We are both commercial and pragmatic when it comes to claims and enquiries, with over 10,000 handled each year.

P&I: Key Areas


Whatever the claim, security issued by North is recognised across the world. Our financial strength allows your ships to continue trading without interruption.


Whether for crew, passengers, supernumaries or stowaways, we will support you in the event of illness, accident and death.


We insure liabilities arising from collision, towage, grounding and wreck.


We advise, assist and pay for the clean-up and compensation of marine pollution incidents. Our in-house experts often attend on-site to assist you during during these difficult times.


We insure you for liabilities arising from the cargo in your care.

Charterers Risks

Our cover is equally available to you as the charterer of a ship.

Our Team

As part of our team of over 90 claims professionals, we have 24 lawyers across eight jurisdictions and 12 mariners, including six master mariners with command experience. This means you’ll have the right people on your side whatever you’re faced with. Our highly qualified, experienced and friendly staff provide swift and highly focused assistance whenever and wherever you need it.

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Our Expertise

Whatever your enquiry, our claims team has the experience and knowledge to help you in any situation; from the application of international sanctions through to questions around the carriage of every type of cargo.

In addition to handling claims, we offer a comprehensive service to answer General Enquiries on any aspect of your shipping and commercial operations. Simply email your question to any of our offices where it will immediately be directed to an appropriate specialist and answered by return.

Our Expertise Groups include:




Contract Review

Cyber Risks

Dry Cargo

Gas, including LNG

Liquid Cargo

Maritime Security

Personal Injury



Value Added Benefits

We are always looking for more ways to help the day to day running of your business. Members are able to access a wide range of extra benefits to make your life easier, ranging from crew welfare to crisis communications management.

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