Do you want to protect your interests and assets with the world’s largest team of specialist Freight, Demurrage and Defence (FD&D) lawyers?

You’ll benefit from industry-leading support from our global team of fully qualified lawyers. They handle FD&D claims and enquiries exclusively, and will provide you with direct and immediate specialist legal advice.

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What We Offer

FD&D provides you with cover for legal costs and expenses in relation to claims which are not otherwise insured. We will help you to defend improper claims and to pursue proper claims to safeguard your assets.

The scope of our cover is very wide. It provides you with legal support and costs insurance to deal with a large variety of differing types of claims and enquiries. Further details of the types of issue we deal with are provided below. With few exceptions, there’s no rules limit on our FD&D cover.

You’ll also receive close support in your day-to-day operations. Whether you need help to review a contract, draft a specific provision, or require advice on an emerging issue, our specialist lawyers will make sure you’re protected legally and, of course, consider your commercial position.

Each year our dedicated FD&D team receives well over 3,000 claims and enquiries, the vast majority of which are handled in-house.

In addition, you’ll enjoy a range of proactive measures to help prevent disputes from arising. This support ranges from providing you with legal articles and updates to training and development activities, such as seminars and workshops.

What We Do

We see a huge variety of differing types of claims and enquiries, including issues relating to:

FD&D: Key Areas

Bills of lading

Breach of charter

Bunker quantity & quality

Crew claims

Cyber crimes

Damage to hull, machinery & equipment

Delivery & redelivery


Freight / deadfreight


Infectious diseases

Lawfulness of orders

Laytime & demurrage

Letters of indemnity

Loading & discharging of cargo

Maintenance issues

MOA / newbuild contracts

Permissible cargos


Speed & consumption

Stevedore damage

Trading ranges & rights

Our Team

Our in-house team comprises solely qualified lawyers. With 40 lawyers based around the world, who focus exclusively on FD&D matters, you’ll have the largest global team of specialist FD&D lawyers on your side, helping you to protect your business.

Our highly qualified team have practised with leading law firms and have a deep understanding of FD&D issues. They will provide immediate reactive and proactive legal support to protect your interests – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Value Added Benefits

We are always looking for more ways to help the day to day running of your business. Members are able to access a wide range of extra benefits to make your life easier, ranging from crew welfare to crisis communications management.

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