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Sanctions will affect your day-to-day business. The risks of non-compliance can be severe.

We are here to help you navigate through the sanctions with our dedicated Sanctions Advice Group available 24/7 to provide an expert assessment on any sanctions-related issue that you may face.

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Contact our sanctions team directly at to discuss your enquiries in more detail.

Sanction Areas


Despite some normalisation, there are still sanctions and a trade embargo in place between the United States and Cuba.

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Sanctions imposed by the United States and European Union have significantly impacted trade to and from Iran.

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North Korea

Sanctions against North Korea are extremely wide-ranging. It's increasingly important to be aware of their scale and implications to make sure of compliance.

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Measures imposed against Qatar are impacting trade. Infringing these measures may result in significant delays and losses.

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With extensive restrictions and sanctions following ongoing unrest, the ability to trade with Syria has been greatly affected.

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Sanctions has been imposed on those responsible for violating Ukraine's sovereignty and territory, as well as to change Russian policy.

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Up-to-date information on sanctions imposed on Venezuela.

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Sanctions Advice Group

We recognise the vital importance of sanctions’ compliance to your business.

Our dedicated Sanctions Advice Group is at your disposal every day of the year to help guide you through:

  • The current sanctions imposed against particular countries.
  • Steps to prevent an inadvertent violation of sanctions.
  • Protective sanctions clauses.
  • Potential risks of any contemplated voyage or business.
  • How a particular voyage might impact the scope of your P&I insurance.

Our team can be reached on or by direct contact with any of the team members listed below.

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