New Environmental Regulations in Force in Tianjin


New pollution prevention controls are now in force in the port of Tianjin. These include restrictions on the use of incinerators, sealing of discharge equipment, controlling cargo emissions and deck washing.

Local correspondent Huatai Insurance Agency & Consultant Service Ltd has issued a circular outlining the new requirements, which came into force on 1 May 2018.

“Provisions on Prevention and Control of Ship Pollution in Tianjin Port”, promulgated by Tianjin Municipal Government, sets several rules for ships, terminals and other relevant entities when navigating or operating within Tianjin port.

The requirements are summarised as follows:

• The use of incinerators within Tianjin port is prohibited.
• Ships that enter Tianjin port for more than 30 days, or ships that enter dock yards within Tianjin port for reparation purpose are required to seal its pollutant discharge equipment.
• Sealing or other protective measures shall be taken to prevent atmospheric pollution by dust cargo or cargo that might diffuse toxic and harmful gas.
• Deck washing is not allowed within Tianjin port if the deck is contaminated with pollutants or the ship is staying or navigating in special protection zones.

Further details can be found in Huatai circular PNI 808 which can be read here.