North has a comprehensive network of correspondents, who are based in all of the major ports and maritime centres.

Each has a detailed, practical knowledge of shipping regulations and practices in their local ports, and they can provide our Members and staff with direct support and advice.


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The information above is compiled from the records of The North of England P&I Club as at 23 August 2019.

The Club does not appoint agents, but when necessary utilises the services of correspondents overseas, either experts (marked thus Commercial Icon) or lawyers (marked thus Legal Icon), who are listed underneath. Members and/or Masters are requested to make direct contact with the appropriate correspondent when time does not permit them to make prior contact with the Club. Whilst the Club has endeavoured to list correspondents’ e-mail addresses it should be noted that messages sent by e-mail are not received instantaneously and therefore urgent messages requiring immediate action should not be sent by e-mail. All appointments made directly by the Member/Master should be reported to the Club as soon as possible with details.

Correspondents are not agents for service of process upon North of England P&I Association Ltd.

The North of England P&I Association Ltd is not a guarantor under the United States Oil Pollution Act of 1990.