If you are one of the many who have decided to comply with the new sulphur cap by using compliant fuel then you will need to think about what you might need to do to prepare your vessels so that you do not find yourselves in a non-compliance situation. Even if you are operating vessels that have been fitted with scrubbers, you might still need to take steps to prepare your vessels for 2020, and your charterparties.

Once you have decided what technical steps you need to take and when, you will then need to check if your charterparties reflect your preparation plan to ensure that everything goes smoothly, without any delays or disputes. If possible, it would be better to discuss this with your charterers and agree the plan of action. After all, it will be in everyone’s best interests to have a good plan in place.

We have put together three guides to help you prepare for the big switch. Please get in touch with your usual North contact if you have any questions.

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