Company Security Officer (CSO) Alliance

CSO AllianceFounded in the UK in 2012, the CSO Alliance is a global members-only risk management platform for company security officers to exchange ideas and information, improving their understanding of risk faced by their crews. Their online CSO community manage the security of over 6,000 ships. North’s Members receive a 20% reduction in membership fees for their first year of membership and North subsidise a further 40%

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Maritime Threats & Incidents (MTI)

Brought to you by Gray Page in partnership with North, the MTI Picture is a freely available intelligence resource providing information, analysis and assessments relating to the commercial risks and physical threats faced by the shipping industry.

You can access the MTI on North’s website:


HACyberLogix Evaluation System

Many shipping companies are poorly equipped to evaluate their exposure to cyber risks and the resilience of their systems on board and ashore. Reputable consultants who understand the complexities of both shipping and cyber are in short supply and expensive.

The HACyberLogix platform enables Members to develop an understanding and measurement of their organisation’s policies, processes, procedures, and technologies that contribute to their cybersecurity stance. The platform will provide owners with the
ability to assess where resources are best utilised.

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