LP Working GroupWe recognise that Members may well have more direct knowledge of issues faced on a day to day basis and that a more proactive involvement of the membership in the loss prevention activities of North would be beneficial.

With this in mind the Loss Prevention Working Groups were established and continue to play an important role in the development of initiatives designed to assist Members in addressing particular issues.

There are two Loss Prevention Working Groups; one in Europe and one in Asia Pacific. They meet twice a year, liaising with our loss prevention and claims teams on current issues in the industry that affect P&I risks, general loss prevention guidance and the dissemination of information to Members. Many of our loss prevention initiatives, including the guide on collisions published in January 2013, stem from the recommendations of the Working Group.

Working Party Members

The members of the loss prevention working parties are appointed from our membership and are composed with a view to having input from a cross-section of vessel types and operations.

The current members of the European Loss Prevention Working Party are:

  • Stephen Goodacre, Time & Tide Shipping Ltd (Chairman)
  • John Collis, London Ship Managers Ltd
  • Alfred Gomez, Seaspan Ship Management Ltd
  • Didier Lavanchy, Mediterranean Shipping Company
  • Crawford Paterson, Calmac Ferries Limited
  • Stefan Patjens, Reederei Stefan Patjens GmbH & Co KG
  • Ronald De Pauw, Bocimar International NV
  • Vivek Quadros, Zodiac Maritime Limited
  • Robert Walker, ASP Tanker Management

Our representatives on this working party are Tony Baker, Iain Beange and Matthew Moore.

The current members of the Asia Pacific Loss Prevention Working Party are:

  • Robert Walker, ASP Tanker Management Ltd (Chairman)
  • Filip Olde Bijvank, Vroon Offshore Services Pte Ltd
  • Yoon Peng Kwan, Pacific International Lines (Pte) Ltd
  • Chan Kok Leong, Raffles Shipmanagement Pte Ltd
  • Peter Mannion, Rio Tinto Marine
  • Ninad Mhatre, Rickmers Ship Management
  • Rajesh Nanda, Synergy Marine
  • Anand Mannath, EPIC Shipping
  • Sachin Kulkarni, Eastern Pacific Shipping
  • Alfred Gomez, Seaspan Ship Management Ltd

Our representatives on this working party are Tony Baker, George Cuthbert, Aniruddha Desai and James Moran.