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Traning Package 3

Participation in onboard training is an activity that all crewmembers will be familiar with whether it be fire training and drills or training in how to use a piece of equipment or carry out a task. However the method and effectiveness of the training can vary significantly depending on who is conducting the training.

It is often assumed that once a seafarer reaches a senior rank they are automatically able to conduct effective training, however this is not always the case.

To assist officers in conducting effective onboard training, North is developing a series of bite-sized training packages. These include the information and materials necessary to deliver effective training on a particular topic.

Can Test Training Package

Can Test ImageThe supplementary check, The Can Test, listed in the IMO’s IMSBC Code is a simple and useful tool available to ship’s crews to help determine if a cargo is unsafe. However there have been a number of incidents where the can test has not been carried out properly or the results were incorrectly interpreted. These errors have contributed to the loss of vessels and their crews. 

Our can test package provides the background, instructions and content to support senior officers and superintendents delivering can test training to ship’s officers and crew. The pack includes:

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