Crew Safety

We have produced a wide range of publications and initiatives in order to reduce crew safety issues.

 Safety Posters

Safe Work - PE

North has produced a range of loss prevention posters that focus on crew safety issues:

  • Safework
  • If Only
  • Fishing Safety

All of our Posters can be accessed here: Posters.




Hot Spots Mooring Operations

'Hot-Spot' sheets are published as a loss prevention tool to provide practical hints and tips to help avoid incidents, claims and Port State deficiencies. Our crew safety Hot-Spots can be viewed below:

All of our Hot-Spots can be accessed here: Hot Spots

LP Briefings


Our unique collection of loss prevention briefings provide ship operators and seafarers with concise straightforward practical advice on a variety of subjects. Our crew safety briefings are available below:

All of our LP Briefings can be accessed here: Loss Prevention Briefings.

 LP Guide - Personal Injury Prevention: A Guide to Good Practice

Personal Injury GuideOur Personal Injury Prevention Guide is designed to assist in the prevention of personal injuries on board ships. Following the implementation of the International Safety Management Code, safety policy must be at the forefront of shipowners' and seafarers' minds.

Members can obtain an electronic version of the guide by logging into our Members' Area.

To obtain a hard copies, please download the Loss Prevention Order Form from this link.




 Safe Out, Safe Home: A Safety Guide for New Fishing Crew

Safe Out CoverFishing boats are exciting and rewarding places to work, but working at sea is very different  to working on land. It is a constantly moving and changing place, where the unexpected often happens.

Our Safe Out, Safe Home Guide is designed to help you when joining a vessel. It can also help skippers and old hands, both as a refresher and for training new crew. It takes you through the basic familiarisation procedures you should get on every fishing boat, including your safety clothing, fire drills and giving first aid.

Safe Out, Safe Home: A Safety Guide for New Fishing Crew



Enclosed Spaces Entry Checklist

Few aspects of personal safety on ships have recieved more attention than the importance of following the correct procedures before entering an enclosed space. Unfortunately, fatalities and serious injures continue to occur with relentless regularity. Our Enclosed Space Permit provides a list of checks which should be completed before entering an enclosed space. The permit should be completed by the master or responsible officer and by the person entering the space or authorised team leader.