Safety Culture Organisational Assessment


Our Safety Culture Organisational Assessment (SCORA) is an online self-assessment tool aimed at providing an insight into your organisation’s capacity for safety.

Organisational safety capacity is the ability of the company, both ashore and at sea, to employ, evaluate and enhance safe work processes, good safety practices and to develop safe behaviours.

What is the SCORA tool?

We developed the the SCORA tool in conjunction with Green-Jakobsen and our Loss Prevention Working Group.

105 NORTH SCORA Benefits March 2019

This tool consists of a survey aimed at senior officers on board, shore based managers who have a direct input into vessel safety and the departments directly supporting the vessel operations such as technical, marine and HSEQ, operations, crewing and commercial.

A report is then produced providing an overview of the organisational safety capacity in a number of key areas:

  • Safety leadership
  • Health and well-being
  • Risk management
  • Learning and development
  • Reporting culture

A score is awarded for each key area, as can be seen in this example report extract, along with a recommendation on how to maintain or improve performance.

The report can then promote discussions and stimulate ideas for safety improvements.

By identifying and prioritising improvements, companies can focus their efforts effectively.

Completing the survey periodically provides an indicator of progress and the effectiveness of implemented improvements over time.

Watch Colin Gillespie discuss the background to SCORA

Case Study

Rob Walker (ASP Shipmanagement) discusses his experience of SCORA, the benefits of the tool and what he is intending to do with the results.


Flyer - The Benefits of SCORA Frequenly Asked Questions


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