Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention Infographic Nov 2018

We believe that well targeted loss prevention initiatives contribute to claims avoidance. Our commitment to service is exemplified by our loss prevention service, which aims to provide direct support to individual Members whilst providing general guidance to all Members. 

Our loss prevention service provides Members with information upon which they can base their own loss prevention and safety programmes. It includes an extensive range of practical loss prevention guides, briefings and other publications produced specifically for Members, together with topical information, training and other loss prevention tools.

The loss prevention function looks at the software, which relates to the people and systems involved in the operation of the ship. We adopt a holistic view by combining this with a survey function relating to the hardware, which is the actual condition of the ship and its equipment.  The survey and loss prevention departments work closely together, and liaise continuously with the other departments within North.

Up-to-date information about topical issues is provided by the Industry News service and loss prevention briefing pages on the website. Information about other publications and courses available is provided on the publication and training pages.

For more information, please contact our loss prevention team: loss.prevention@nepia.com