Team North - Great Wall of China Challenge


Invite Banner - Great Wall ChallengeIn May 2018, Team North in Singapore will be taking part in the Sailors’ Society Great Wall of China Challenge.

Over the course of two days (19th and 20th May), Andy Desai and Brian McGregor from our Singapore office will take part in the Sailors’ Society Great Wall of China Challenge – to walk from Jainkou to Mutianyu and through eight watchtowers at Crouching Tiger Hill before walking the wild wall at Coiling Dragon Hill to reach 24-Eye Tower, the highest point on the hike. 

The team is fundraising for the Sailors’ Society Crisis Response Network which offers counselling for seafarers and a 24-hour, rapid response service providing frontline care to traumatised seafarers after piracy attacks, natural disasters and other crises at sea. This event will help the Sailors’ Society open new networks in the Philippines and the Americas.

You can learn more about the Sailors’ Society here:

We are sure that you will agree that this is a fantastic cause and we appreciate any donation that you are willing to make. Please visit our JustGiving page.

Many thanks!