Climbing Mount Fansipan for Sailors’ Society



In April 2017, Team North in Singapore will be taking part in the Sailors’ Society Asian Challenge – climbing Mount Fansipan in Vietnam!

At 3,143 metres, it is the highest mountain in Indochina and is the last major peak on the eastern end of the Himalayan range. Over two days, North colleagues James Moran, Andy Desai and George Cuthbert will trek across a variety of landscapes and through 15km of ascents and descents over various peaks before arriving at the summit.

The team is fundraising for the Sailors’ Society Crisis Response Network which offers counselling for seafarers and a 24-hour, rapid response service providing frontline care to traumatised seafarers after piracy attacks, natural disasters and other crises at sea. This event will help the Sailors’ Society open new networks in the Philippines and the Americas.

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