*Update* Ballast Water Treatment - USCG Approves Systems


Update – 28 December 2016

Two more ballast water treatment systems have been issued with USCG type approval certification.

The approval of the Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 and the OceanSaver BWTS MKII brings the total number of USCG type approved systems to three. The Alfa Laval Tumba system works on the UV disinfection principle, the same as the already approved Optimarin. The OceanSaver disinfects through electrochlorination.  

This increase in options is good news for shipowners looking for systems that are both IMO and USCG compliant. However, it should be considered that as more systems are approved by the USCG, their readiness to issue extensions may diminish.

The USCG announcement can be read here.

5 December 2016

In a much anticipated move the US Coast Guard has issued its first type approval certificate for a ballast water treatment system.

The Optimarin ballast water treatment system, which uses filtration and ultra violet (UV) technology, gained USCG type approval on 2 December 2016. It is the first treatment system to be issued with both IMO and USCG type approval certificates.

The industry has been carefully monitoring the USCG position on ballast water treatment systems and this decision is welcomed, particularly in light of concerns over the USCGs stance towards UV treatment systems. The USCG continues to evaluate multiple systems.

The USCG has also released Marine Safety Information Bulletin 14-16 which include FAQs on the extension program, compliance dates and the use of Alternate Management Systems (AMS).