Restrictions on Potable Water in Cape Town


Restrictions have been put in place on supplies of potable water in the port of Cape Town in South Africa.

Local attorneys Shepstone & Wylie have alerted North to restrictions imposed on the supply of fresh water to vessels calling at Cape Town.

South AfricaAs a result of recent droughts affecting the region, the port authority has introduced a ban on all use of municipal drinking-quality water for outside and non-essential purposes. Therefore, the port has suspended the provision of potable water to all calling vessels in all but extreme cases.

The port requests that vessels make arrangements to bunker potable water at other ports not affected by the drought. However, local news source “Freight and Trading Weekly” reports that water restrictions are also in place in Mossel Bay, Port Elizabeth and Ngqura. They go on to express concerns on the operational challenges faced by the port of Durban following recent storms.

Vessels scheduled to call at South African ports should be aware that potable water supplies may be limited and plan accordingly.