Maritime Security – IMB 2019 Q2 Piracy Report Released


The ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB) have issued their 2019 Q2 report on the piracy and armed robbery statistics.

Their chief finding is that during the first six months of 2019, West African seas remain the most dangerous for piracy. Of the 75 seafarers taken hostage onboard or kidnapped for ransom worldwide so far in 2019, 62 were captured in the Gulf of Guinea.

The IMB have release the following infographics to show the key findings.


Piracy 2 

Piracy 3

Piracy 4

Piracy 5

Piracy 6

Shipowners and ships’ crews must remember the importance of thorough voyage risk assessments, vessel hardening and reporting to the relevant military or State authorities when transiting high risk areas.

IMB strongly urges all shipmasters and owners to report to them all actual, attempted and suspected piracy and armed robbery incidents.

North’s loss prevention department has issued four briefings on maritime security which can be found here.

The full IMB report can be read here.