Indonesia to Ban Exports of Nickel Ore from 1 January 2020


Indonesian authorities have confirmed that a ban on exporting nickel ore will take effect from 1 January 2020.

The ban will be applicable to all grades of nickel ore and will be introduced two years earlier than expected. It is understood to be a reaction to ensure the country processes more of its resources domestically.

Shipowners and seafarers are reminded that liquefaction risks continue to exist with nickel ore cargoes, especially cargoes originating not only from Indonesia but also the Philippines, where exports are likely to increase when the Indonesian ban takes effect.

You can access our training pack on how to carry out a ‘Can Test’ here. Remember, this simple test, when done properly, indicates when a cargo could be unsafe. It could save your and your shipmates’ lives.

Members are reminded of our Circulars in relation to loading nickel ore and the requirement to notify North when planning to load nickel ore from the Philippines or Indonesia.