Ballast Water Requirements at Aramco Terminals in Saudi Arabia


Correspondents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) have advised that with effect from 16 August 2017 all ships calling at Saudi Aramco Ports & Terminals in KSA are required to arrange for the ballast water sampling.

The sampling is to be arranged by vessels/owners through their port agents and is at their own cost.  

Sampling will be carried out on board upon arrival by local survey companies equipped with ballast testing devices that are approved by Aramco. The surveyor draws samples from two different locations/tanks, carries out the tests and declares the test results.

If it is proven that the vessel has not complied with BWM standards then the relevant authorities will be informed.

Aramco have indicated there will be no delay to the vessel and the vessel will not be detained. But if the vessel is found to be non-compliant for a second time during a subsequent voyage the consequences will be decided by Aramco.

Correspondents understand that only SGS has ballast water testing equipment which has been approved by Aramco, other survey companies are yet to confirm. 

Copies of the ballast water sampling form and a process flow chart are linked for reference.