Safety Culture Organisational Assessment - SCORA


CIRCULAR REF: 2019/009

North has partnered with safety consultancy Green-Jakobsen to develop an online safety culture self-assessment tool (SCORA) to assist Members in assessing and developing their safety practices and culture.

SCORA is provided free for North’s Members. It is a confidential tool that enables owners and operators to gain an insight into their organisation’s capacity for safety, i.e. their ability to employ, evaluate and enhance safe work processes and practices and develop safe behaviours in staff both at sea and ashore.

The assessment is built around a management level online survey for those managers, both ashore and afloat, who have a direct input into vessel safety and performance. The report generated from the survey provides an overview of the company’s organisational safety capacity in a number of key safety areas, namely:

  • SAFETY LEADERSHIP – the ability to continually drive improvements in safety processes and to foster an open and trusting culture.
  • HEALTH & WELLBEING – focus on the health and well-being of the crew to ensure that they act safely and can perform at their best.
  • RISK MANAGEMENT – ensuring safe working conditions are present through all work processes.
  • LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT – the development of safety skills and work processes which enhance and develop safety performance.
  • SAFETY REPORTING – the ability to act on and share safety lessons learnt which support the continuous improvement of safety performance.

For more information on SCORA, please visit our Safety Management Insights area at the following link:

If you would like to register for SCORA, please contact Simon MacLeod (Deputy Director – Loss Prevention) at

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