Renewal 2020/2021 - Outstanding Claims Review on NorthOnline


We would like to remind Members and their brokers of our web based facility, NorthOnline, which is available through our website  Where applicable, this online facility enables you to access data relating to individual accounts by means of a UserID and password.

As we approach the renewal season, commencing with a full review of Members’ outstanding claims, we would ask you to access your claims information using NorthOnline.  The information can be obtained using the ‘Outstanding Claims Reports’ within the claims section.

Our NorthOnline Guide (a copy of which is attached) provides a brief overview of the information available from NorthOnline and instructions on how to gain access.  If you would like to apply for access to NorthOnline then please complete the attached Access Request Form.

The North of England P&I Association Limited / North of England P&I DAC

CIRCULAR REF: 2019/023