Maritime Labour Convention 2006 As Amended (MLC) - Application Process For MLC Certificates


CIRCULAR REF: 2016/030


Reference is made to our Circular Ref: 2016/024 dated 7 October 2016 advising that all Clubs in the International Group would shortly provide information to Members about the process for obtaining MLC Certificates.  The purpose of this Circular is to inform Members of the application process.

The MLC Certificates will be provided by the Club and there is no need to apply to Flag States for MLC Certificates.  However, some Flag States may require shipowners on their register to supply copies of MLC Certificates for their records, in which case shipowners are responsible for this process.

Members requiring MLC Certificates must apply using the application form found on our website under Maritime Labour Convention:

  • Members may apply for MLC Certificates per vessel or on a fleet basis.
  • Members who intend to renew with the Club can also obtain MLC Certificates for the period 20 February 2017 to 20 February 2018.
  • Members wishing to have MLC Certificates for the 2017 policy year prior to having agreed renewal will need to provide the Club with relevant undertakings (as they do for Blue Cards), which are contained in the application form.
  • The application form must be sent to your usual underwriting contact.

The MLC Certificate will be sent to Members in PDF format.  Members must then print the MLC Certificates and ensure that they are posted in a conspicuous place on board their vessels where they are available to seafarers no later than 18 January 2017.  The MLC Certificates will also be listed on the Club’s website before this deadline.

A copy of the MLC Extension Clause which will apply to all entries in relation to which a Certificate has been issued can also be found on our website at Maritime Labour Convention.

For questions relating to the MLC Amendments please refer to the International Group MLC FAQs or address them to your usual contact at the Club or MLC Enquiry Team.



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