Suspected ISA at Ocean Farm 1


Ocean Farm 1 is a pioneering project off the coast of Norway using a novel cage system in a challenging environment to farm salmon.

The move offshore was taken to avoid some of the pressures and issues seen on inshore farming locations, one of which is disease. As well as ISA, sea lice have also been found at the site and appropriate action was taken to mitigate this issue. Salmar are confident that they will be able to treat for diseases in the same methods they currently use at more traditional farms. According to the BarentsWatch website, the limit for female lice at the site was not breached.

In line with all new farming operations, proper back-ups, procedures for dealing with disease outbreaks and system failures should be in place, however low the perceived risk may be.  At Ocean Farm 1, there were procedures in place to stock cleaner fish and have the ability to treat stock if required..

A small number of fish also escaped from Ocean Farm 1 in September 2018. Sunderland Marine, along with North’s Loss Prevention Department, would be able to assist the company by providing training for staff in best practice, risk identification and mitigation as well as building operations manuals.

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