Millions of Fish Lost as Fire Breaks out at Lerøy Smolt Facility


A lack of water and difficulty reaching the smolt facility have been identified as critical problems when the emergency services tried to tackle the fire at the facility in Friarfjord, Norway.

Whilst the site was located on the shore of a fjord, fire services may have been unable to use the sea water due to the damage it may have caused to their equipment. Salt water can also increas the risk of electrocution due to its increased conductivity.

Farms in areas at risk of forest fires maintain a store of water for firefighting. Modern RAS farms, no matter the location, should have a store of freshwater water on site to assist with husbandry operation, e.g. quickly re-filling empty tanks, as water availability is often a limiting factor at some of these farms. Farms in remote locations should also assess their on-site emergency response equipment.

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