CSO Alliance


CSO AllianceNorth P&I Club has partnered with CSO Alliance – a fast-growing online community of maritime company security officers (CSOs) – to encourage its Members to join and take part in security related information sharing.

In a first for the P&I sector, all CSOs in North’s 131 million GT owned fleet will receive a 20% reduction in membership fees for the first year and North will subsidise a further 40%.

Founded in the UK in 2012, the CSO Alliance already has over 380 members responsible for security on more than 6,000 ships worldwide. Members have access to a comprehensive and authoritative real-time incident and attack database and can share information, opinions and best practice. The management team is in regular contact with key naval commands and maritime crime reporting centres, evolving a rapid, co-ordinated response capability.

North supports the concept of information sharing on security-related risks, both physical and cyber.

As such we believe membership of the CSO Alliance will offer real benefits to CSOs employed by our members, so we have negotiated a subsidised rate for their first year of membership.

We believe that membership of the CSO Alliance can assist individual CSOs in the prevention of criminal attacks against their ships, including from piracy, stowaways and fraud.

If you are a company CSO and are interested in joining CSO Alliance please contact: loss.prevention@nepia.com