Can Test Training Pack Launched


A new series of training packs has been launched by North’s Loss Prevention department aimed at improving onboard training. Each training session will focus on a single topic which has been noted as a factor in incidents, accidents or near misses.

The first in the series focuses on the International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargo Code (IMSBC Code) supplementary test for bulk cargoes, otherwise known as the ‘can test’. The can test is a simple means of providing the crew with a first alert that a bulk cargo that is being loaded might be unsafe and liquefy.

There is a wealth of information already available which can be used for onboard training; however there is very little information available on how to effectively deliver the training. As a result we are aware that some training sessions are not as effective as they could be.

The new series of training packs are designed as a complete package and will take no more than 20 minutes to complete. The packs include a guide for participants, a guide for those delivering the training, where relevant a short video and will include a practical exercise.

The packs provide structure to the training session and are designed to make sure that key messages relevant to the particular topic are covered, ensuring that the training is as effective as possible.

The can test training pack is free to download from our website.

Author: Simon MacLeod
Deputy Director (Loss Prevention)