Benefits of Post Repatriation Medical Care


Providing effective medical care for seafarers after repatriation has many benefits. High quality treatment and close medical management of the treatment plan will help get the seafarer back to good health, and hopefully back to the ship, within a reasonable time.

North introduced its Post Repatriation Medical Programme (PRM) in the Philippines during 2013. Working closely with the post-repatriation doctors ensures that a suitable and effective medical plan is put in place for a Filipino seafarer repatriated as a result of a work related illness or injury. Following the repatriation, the seafarer can be promptly referred to one of the Post Repatriation Medical facilities for examination. This ensures the seafarer receives the appropriate treatment at a good quality medical facility and that the Member satisfies its contractual obligations.

Prompt Notification

The PRM programme works best when North is notified of an illness or injury incident before the repatriation of a seafarer. This allows North to liaise with the medical facility and arrange for the seafarer to be referred there or collected at the airport in the Philippines. This practice will ensure that swift and focused care is provided to the seafarer without delays or misinterpretation. In many instances it is beneficial for the PRM doctors to speak directly with the overseas doctor in order to coordinate care for the best possible outcome.



Author: Lucy Deyer