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We are continuously striving to minimise our impact upon the environment and take a proactive approach to adopt working practices where possible, encouraging environmental responsibility across the business.

North has made considerable progress towards improving efficiency in recycling and reducing waste in recent years, through introducing new business systems which promote a paperless office environment and also reducing total energy usage.

North’s new business systems have resulted in significant decreases in both printed page quantities and costs for printing consumables.

We are committed to the waste, recycling and energy saving policies aimed at minimising our carbon footprint and understanding the impact of office operations.

Recycling & Waste

We promote a range of policies throughout its offices which are aimed at reducing its carbon footprint. Wherever possible we reduce, reuse or recycle.

We are committed to maintaining a paperless office environment. With that in mind, new business systems are currently being designed and implemented, which are geared towards promoting a paperless office environment.

North contracts with “Shred-it”. “Shred-it” provides document destruction facilities for confidential papers and documentation. “Shred-it” collection bins are located throughout the office. All destroyed documentation is recycled and North receives Environmental Certificates from “Shred-it” each year indicating how many trees it has saved by contracting with “Shred-it”.

Where practicable, we collect and recycle all other paper, cardboard, food and drink cans, foil and foil trays, glass and plastic bottles, printer cartridges and mobile telephones. This is achieved by reducing the amount of personal waste bins to encourage our staff to use the recycle points situated throughout our office in Newcastle.

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