Supporting Mental Health Awareness Week (8 – 14 May 2017)

09/05/2017 | North

Surviving or Thriving? is the theme for Mental Health Awareness week this week and North is supporting this initiative with planned activity at HQ in Newcastle throughout the week, including mindfulness sessions, breakfast clubs and Pilates classes. On Friday, we will round off the week with lunch from our friends at Fat Hippo!

MHAW17 BadgeMental health problems, which can be something of a taboo topic among ‘tough’ seafarers, may occur for many reasons.  The lifestyle of modern seafarers means they are potentially subject to many forms of mental stress. Being away from home, working long hours, having little opportunity for time away from the ship due to security restrictions, remoteness of ports or fast turnaround, the feeling of isolation that can occur on board due to being part of a multinational crew or through lack of opportunities for socialising – these are just some of the factors that can affect the mental health of seafarers.

Our Signals Online article explores this further: Looking After Mental Health

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