North finds snap-back zones are still routinely painted on mooring decks despite advice to the contrary.


It is nearly a decade since the global crisis began, and despite the ongoing austerity and economic uncertainty in Greece, Greek shipping has demonstrated its ability to sail in high winds and weather the storm.


North has experienced a number of cases recently where infections have led to sepsis and the unfortunate death of a number of seafarers.


In this article Kostas Katsoulieris discusses the steps to take on board where there is a serious incident requiring medical assistance from ashore.


Avoiding electrocution on board and how to react if a fellow crew member is electrocuted.


The Club has recently faced a number of claims involving crew falling ill due to Malaria.


North has previously issued guidance to Members providing advice in relation to the practical procedures which should be followed following a death on board a vessel.


With the improved seasonal weather the incidence of migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean, the largest maritime migration route in the world, is on the rise once again.


North’s series of articles about crew health and fitness have so far looked at measuring fitness levels, strengthening core muscles to try to avoid back problems, exercising to avoid obesity and healthy eating.


North has partnered with Seagull Maritime AS – a leading provider of competence management solutions and e-learning material for seafarers – to encourage Members to improve knowledge and training of crew through using Seagull’s crew evaluation system (CES…