Inherent vice is a defence to a cargo claim under the Hague/Hague Visby Rules and could mean that the carrier can defend a claim by cargo receivers.


Commercial parties typically use the term “force majeure” to describe a situation or event over which they have no control and for which they believe they should have no liability.   Under English Law, however, the phrase “force majeure” has no legal defi…


A recent London Arbitration (21/17) decided that charterers had wrongfully sought to redeliver the vessel before the end of the charter as a result of an economic hardship. There was no clause in the charterparty allowing for this and, therefore, chartere…


In a recent London Arbitration decision (18/17) the Tribunal had to consider whether the owners were entitled to recover additional expenses incurred in complying with charterers’ orders to stop loading operations.


This month BIMCO and ISCO (International Spill Control Organisation) have launched two new agreements which should make it easier for members to arrange for clean-up services in the event of an emergency spill incident.


The English High Court recently held that a Master had not tendered a Notice of Readiness (“NOR”) within port limits. This was despite the vessel being anchored in a location directed by the Port Authority. Accordingly the NOR was invalid.


The Malaysian Government is scrapping its 30-year old cabotage law between the east and west of the country from 1 June 2017.


The Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre (EMAC) has recently opened in Dubai.


The Master must exercise reasonable care and skill when signing the SOF.


The online ship vetting provider, Rightship, has recently changed their predictive vetting platform. The existing ship vetting information system (SVIS) has been replaced with Qi.


The use of LOF is widely accepted in the industry and the Club will always support Members signing LOF in emergency situations.


A recent Search and Rescue (“SAR”) mission involving a North-entered ship has highlighted the role of the Coastal State in such operations.