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In this article Capt Richard Meikle of Solis Marine consultants discusses how VDR can be useful tool to improve navigational practices.


Blockchain technology is gaining a higher profile – but what is it and how might it affect the shipping industry?


North finds snap-back zones are still routinely painted on mooring decks despite advice to the contrary.


It is nearly a decade since the global crisis began, and despite the ongoing austerity and economic uncertainty in Greece, Greek shipping has demonstrated its ability to sail in high winds and weather the storm.


Inherent vice is a defence to a cargo claim under the Hague/Hague Visby Rules and could mean that the carrier can defend a claim by cargo receivers.


Climate change, vessel design, technological advances and the potential commercial advantages, have led to an increase in vessels transiting Polar Regions.


North has experienced a number of cases recently where infections have led to sepsis and the unfortunate death of a number of seafarers.


An article on Force Majeure – (1) what it is; (2) force majeure clauses; (3) effect upon performance and, (4) proving force majeure.


North’s FD&D department is seeing an increase in the number of disputes arising from misdirected payment emails.


Owners of submarine cables and pipelines are monitoring and warning ships that come too close.