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Signals is North's loss prevention newsletter and is distributed to all Members, their ships, correspondents, brokers and other individuals on our mailing list.

Copies of the Signals newsletter are posted on this website at the time of distribution of the hard copies. Signals is unique in the loss prevention field. Not only does it summarise recent case law, report on changes in legislation and identify problematic commodoties, but it also examines the implications and consequences of these developments for shipowners and operators.

Most editions are in PDF format. You will need Acrobat Reader to view these files.

Signals Online

In addition to producing our quarterly Signals newsletter, we now publish topical articles on our website on a regular basis. These articles are then collated into our usual quarterly publication for distribution to Members and entered vessels. This provides an additional service to readers who are now be able to view articles individually online. Signals Online can be accessed here.


Signals Index provides an index of topics covered in the newsletter to help find articles more quickly. This index is updated regularly and covers the editions of Signals available on the website.