Bills Of Lading Third Edition North Of England MemberNorth has a unique collection of loss prevention Guides to provide ship operators and seafarers with the straightforward practical advice needed to deal with everyday operations and problems to reduce the risk of claims.

Our current Guides cover the following topics:

  • Bills of Lading (Third Edition)
  • Bulk Cargoes: A Guide to Good Practice
  • Marine Fuels: Preventing Claims and Disputes
  • Cargo Stowage & Securing (Second Edition)
  • Cargo Ventilation
  • Collisions: How to Avoid Them 
  • Deck Stowage and Securing of Pipes
  • Draught Surveys
  • Hatch Cover Maintenance and Operation (Second Edition)
  • Introduction to P&I Insurance and Loss Prevention
  • Letters of Indemnity
  • Mariner's Role in Collecting Evidence Handbook
  • Personal Injury Prevention (Second Edition)
  • Rocks and Hard Places: How to Avoid Them
  • Safe Out, Safe Home:A Safety Guide for New Fishing Crew
  • Shipboard Petroleum Surveys
  • Steel Pre-shipment Surveys (Second Edition)

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To obtain hard copies of the Guides, please contact the Loss Prevention department