Restrictions on Vessels Calling at Turkish Ports

01/12/2017 | North

Omur Marine report that the Turkish government have placed restrictions against vessels which are summarised below:

  • Vessels which have just called at a Crimean port will not be allowed to call at Turkish ports.
  • Clearance will not be handed to the Master before departing a Turkish port if the next port of call is one of the Crimean ports.

Agents would need to provide undertakings:

  • To prove the previous departure port for vessels calling at Turkey.
  • To prove that the vessel will not call at Crimean ports next.
  • To prove that any part of the voyage or trade in the past or future involving Ukraine would not include customs, port or trade documents containing anything related to Crimea.

Port authorities in Turkey will be enforcing these rules stringently and may examine departure documents, log books and other sources of information including but not limited to VDR and AIS data.

Read the full bulletin from Omur Marine here.