Industry News


The International Maritime Bureau (IMB) has released its 3rd quarter piracy report.


The decision of President Trump to “de-certify” the JCPOA does not mean the inevitable re-imposition of sanctions revoked by the JCPOA. Cover will remain in place for lawful trading to Iran, subject as ever to the Club Rules.


With global production of wood charcoal and carbon amounting to over 50 million tonnes per year carriage of this cargo is common and has resulted in many issues.


The U.S. State Department announced that sanctions against Sudan will be revoked.


California has approved new rules on vessel biofouling, taking effect on 1 October 2017.


The Australian Maritime Safety Authority has recent banned two vessels from operating in Australian waters due to breaches of the MLC.


Low sulphur requirements in all ports within Zhejiang ECA come into force 1 September 2017.


Bauxite has been identified as posing a risk of liquefaction if carried with excessive moisture.


A new security corridor has been established in the Western Indian Ocean and Red Sea regions by the Combined Maritime Forces.


Due to the increased threat of piracy attack, there has been a recommended transit corridor established for vessel’s transiting the Sulu Sea in the Moro Gulf and Basilan Strait regions.


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