Industry News


Vessels are reminded that the requirements of the Ballast Water Convention are in effect even when operating between North Sea ports.


The Cargo Incident Notification System working group – CINS – has issued two new guidelines.


North has been assisting a number of Members in relation to the imposition of service tax in India, which commenced for the importation of goods into India where the bills of lading were dated 22 January 2017 onwards. The Indian tax authority has since li…


It has been reported that the Indonesian authorities have issued new requirements for vessels exporting coal or crude palm oil – CPO – from the country.


RightShip has set a new age trigger for dry bulk vessel inspections.


The temperatures currently being recorded in Northern China are at a record low leading to sea ice.


North has been informed that the Chinese Quarantine Authorities have started a new enhanced inspection regime for certain vessels.


Due to a recent increase in attacks in the southern Red Sea and Bab al-Mandeb interim guidance on maritime security in the area has been issued.


The annual soya bean harvest is underway. The carriage of soya bean cargoes from South America to China may lead to claims due to the natural properties of the beans.


The Federal Transport Authority in the United Arab Emirates has issued a new circular regarding loading and discharging oil and product cargoes.


Soya bean cargoes exported from the U.S. to China are now subject to new requirements in an attempt to reduce claims and delays at discharge.


New regulations on oil spill response in Honduras have been postponed until further notice.


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