Upgrade to Safety Management 2.0: North Hosts Workshops


Most modern day shipping companies comply with the requirements of the ISM Code with a systems-based approach to safety. This approach has had a positive impact on how shipping companies have managed safety, but in many cases has not focused on human crew behaviour.

The effects of this systems-based approach to safety have plateaued. The human element is now the focus of where the safety performance of shipping companies can be improved. Safety management needs to be upgraded to version 2.0 and North is here to help.

Safety Management 2.0

To assist our Members, we are launching Safety Management 2.0 workshops. North Members will be kept informed of when a Safety Management 2.0 workshop is available near them. The workshops will cover two topics delivered by industry experts and supported by North’s loss prevention team:

  • Simplifying SMS:delivered by Lovoy AS.

Lovoy has researched and developed methods to simplify and improve Safety Management Systems (SMS). The idea is simple: if the procedures are user-friendly, we will use them more.

This is an interactive, high-pace workshop with case studies and examples of how companies are benefitting from using the Lovoy method. You will learn more about how to simplify your safety systems to improve safety, training efficiency, compliance and seafarer satisfaction. You will also learn how to make procedures and checklists more risk based. Lovoy also offers a confidential SMS review before the workshop.

For more information on Lovoy, go to https://lovoy.info/.

  • Organisational Safety Culture:delivered by Green Jakobsen.

Green Jakobsen is a leading maritime safety and human resource consultancy involved in projects worldwide. In this interactive workshop Green-Jakobsen allows delegates to explore a number of issues around measuring and assessing safety performance from both an organisational perspective and a crew perspective. The workshop will also include an introduction to North’s new SCORA self-assessment tool that provides you with an insight into your company’s organisational safety capacity.

For more information on Green Jakobsen click go to https://www.green-jakobsen.com/.


Author: John Southam
Executive (Loss Prevention)