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Article TitleDownloadCategory Published Date
North P&I Club Directors Decide on 4.75% Overall Increase with 2.5% Minimum Download Renewal 17th November 2014
North P&I Club Advises Shipowners to Take Safety and Commercial Measures to Reduce Ebola Risks Download General 27th October 2014
North P&I Club Confirms Positive Result and Sets Out New Management Strategy Download General 7th August 2014
North P&I Club Warns of Poor Construction in Newbuilding Market Download General 4th August 2014
North P&I Club Publishes New Edition of Mills on Bills Download General 24th July 2014
North P&I Club Directors Confirm Breakeven Results for 2013/14 Download Finance 29th May 2014
North P&I Club Stresses the Importance of a Working Language on Ships Download P & I - People 23rd April 2014
North P&I 'A' Rating and Stable Outlook Confirmed by S&P Following Merger Download General 18th March 2014
North P&I and Sunderland Marine Merge to Become 'North Group' Download General 3rd March 2014
North P&I Club Reports Solid Year of Development at the 2014 Renewal Download Renewal 21st February 2014