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Article TitleDownloadCategory Published Date
North P&I Club Stresses the Importance of a Working Language on Ships Download P & I - People 23rd April 2014
North Reiterates the Importance of Controlling Medical Costs Download P & I - People 10th January 2014
North P&I Club launches post-repatriation medical scheme for Filipino seafarers Download P & I - People 15th February 2013
North P&I Club supports initiative to reduce US healthcare claims Download P & I - People 4th September 2012
Prescribed medication - a must for safety at sea, says North P&I club Download P & I - People 30th July 2009
North P&I club aims to reduce lifeboat accidents with new safety campaign Download P & I - People 28th January 2009
North of England P&I club warns of communications failures on ships Download P & I - People 30th July 2007
Shipowners urged to plough profits back into recruitment Download P & I - People 18th July 2007
North of England P&I club publishes guidance on avoiding tired wires Download P & I - People 26th April 2007
North of England P&I club warns of growing food-poisoning risk on ships Download P & I - People 24th January 2007