The Right Crew


Pre-Employment Medical Scheme

Although crew illness claims do arise, many may have been avoided if the seafarer had undergone a comprehensive pre-employment medical examination by a reliable specialist clinic. In order to reduce incidents and ensure the good health of crew, North runs two enhanced pre-employment medical programmes, one in the Philippines and one in the Ukraine.

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First Call Logo230x100First Call – Crew Medical Treatment in the USA

First Call is a medical service for crew injury and illness in the USA. In conjunction with partners Hudson Tactix and Shuman Consulting, North encourages Members to use this dedicated medical treatment service. Covering a number of ports across the east, west and southern USA, Masters are encouraged to call the First Call telephone numbers and our partners will arrange medical attention, transport and treatment.


Crew Evaluation & Benchmarking

North has partnered with Seagull Maritime AS – a leading provider of competence management solutions and e-learning material for seafarers – to encourage Members to improve knowledge and training of crew through using Seagull’s crew evaluation system (CES) and benchmarking service.

North’s Members receive a 25% discount on the standard fee:

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