Experienced and Dedicated Service Team

All charterers and traders have direct access to dedicated service teams, which  are created to suit the specific requirements of each Member.

Service teams are created when a new charterer or trader enters ships with North.  Each team is likely to comprise a Director together with the underwriter, claims specialists, including those handling  cargo, admiralty and people claims, as well as FD&D lawyers (if Members purchase FD&D cover) and a representative from our Loss Prevention department often with relevant sea-going experience. Depending on the charterers' or traders' geographical locations, and the place any incident may occur, support may come from one of North’s numerous offices in Europe and Asia.

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Charterers and traders entered with North will have 24 hours access to our service team and year round support from our knowledgeable colleagues with extensive experience of working with charterers and traders and the problems they are likely to encounter. 


Experienced Team