Both the United States and European Union has imposed extensive trade restrictions and sanctions against Syria in light of the ongoing unrest. These sanctions have had a significant impact on the ability to trade to or from Syria and the ability to trade with Syrian persons and companies.

Members will also be aware that insurers are directly targeted by the sanctions. As such there has been a serious effect on North’s ability to handle claims arising in Syria and/or from Syrian claimants.

The Club has a dedicated sanctions advice team who will be able to assist Members in relation to any sanctions queries and which can be contacted directly by Members at

A Guide for Owners and Charterers

We have produced a guide to sanctions for our Members, which was last updated on 12 August 2019. Click below for the guide. 


Latest Updates

New Syria Sanctions Briefing - 16 October 2017

We have issued a new Syria Sanctions Briefing which can be viewed here: Syria Sanctions Briefing


Syria Sanctions - 13 May 2016

Both the European Union and the United States continue to apply trade sanctions against the Government of Syria and a number of designated Syrian persons and entities.  This Circular provides a general overview of key sanctions that apply to Syria shipping and related insurance activities and also describes the potential impact of certain recent developments.

Read the full Circular here.

Additional Resources