1970 - 2000

Quayside Office2Also during this period two young men, who would profoundly shape and change the Club’s modern day future, joined North, Peter Crichton in 1972 and Rodney Eccleston in 1973.

They began to take the Club forward under the watchful eye of Alec Murray and North began to rely less on British shipping and more on recruitment of overseas Members.  In 1988 Peter and Rodney succeeded Alec Murray as joint managing directors and again continued the dual leadership approach at the Club.  North began to pioneer more developments, including its own Loss Prevention service which has become the benchmark for all Clubs followed by its own in-house FD&D service which still remains unique today.  The Club returned to its roots on Newcastle Quayside at No 100, not so far along the Quayside from No 41 where Stanley Mitcalf was based back in 1874.

In 1998 Peter and Rodney undertook probably their most ambitious project; the merger with Newcastle P&I Club.  This significant event laid a strong foundation for modern day North and was rapidly followed in 2000 when Liverpool & London P&I Association ceased operations and transferred its portfolio to North.