1945 - 1970

Centenary Edited 1UK shipping, and the Club in particular, lost much tonnage during the war years and Britain’s share of the world’s fleet fell. This led to challenging times for North as the club had traditionally been wedded to mainly British Members. 

As the 1960's approached a number of long serving members of North's management, who were connected to the Todd dynasty, began to retire. The Club's directors decided it was time to look outside the Club for the next generation of professional management and in 1962 two new managers were appointed, Alec Murray and Len Harrison, who again revived the dual management approach which the Club has become so renowned.

Changes were afoot and on 20 February 1965 North joined the influential London Group of Clubs, which was the forerunner of today's International Group of P&I Clubs.  The Club began to internationalise and in 1967 the first of a number of modern day mergers took place with the North East based Neptune P&I Association.  The Club moved its local offices to Collingwood Street, closed its other UK offices and in 1978 opened an offshore company in Bermuda.