1900 - 1945

J Stanley ToddThe Club continued to develop strong relationships with its UK Members and by 1902 it had offices in London, Liverpool, Glasgow and Cardiff.

Indeed North's membership was something of a 'who's who' of British Shipping; including Andrew Weir & Co, Ropners and Rundmans to name a few.  It is no surprise that at this time North had become the leading P&I Club in the UK, a claim supported by the Club in its 1901/02 annual report which congratulated Members upon "the steady increase in the capital of the Club, the largest and most powerful".

The 1st World War was generally a difficult time for British shipping and British marine insurers as heavy war time losses took their toll on the British merchant fleet, as well as the Club's finances. The Club's management began to change with J Stanley Todd replacing Mitcalf.  Todd brought in his sons to assist with the management of the Club however membership numbers slowly fell due to a somewhat parochial attitude of the management and directors at the time. The 2nd World War soon followed and this also exacerbated the decline of the Club's Members.